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A client or, in the case of an in house lawyer colleague (who for the purposes of this article will also be considered a client), asks you to prepare a document and then your heart sinks as he says “oh and it has to be dated” and gives a date which has already passed.Is it legal to comply with the request or must it always be refused outright?For more information on what benefits you're entitled to, try the entitled to benefits calculator.

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In certain circumstances tax credits claims can be backdated.If you're living with the person you look after and they're awarded Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Attendance Allowance (AA), complete a claim form for Carer's Allowance (CA) as soon as possible after the award has been made. You can make a claim by calling the Carer's Allowance Unit on 03, or by claiming Carer's Allowance online.However, if the person you look after is living alone and receives a means-tested benefit, your claim for Carer's Allowance may affect their means-tested benefits.During the life of a claim, further checks will be made to ensure that the entitlement to Housing Benefit still exists and that the right amount of benefit is being paid.This may involve visits to homes, postal or telephone checks.

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