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"Here we have a new technology that absolutely jeopardizes your ability to express your emotion...

there is no more subtle inflection of the voice ...

Men are also ready to introduce a new partner to their parents and update their Facebook status to “in a relationship” earlier than women, according to the poll – doing both after an average of eight dates.

Richard Longhurst, co-owner of Love Honey, the sex-toy firm which commissioned the survey, said: “[Men] are keener to tell their partner they love them but also to outwardly recognise this commitment by changing their Facebook status and introducing their loved one to their parents.

It's notoriously difficult to read tone in texts and emails, but emojis can bridge the gap.

The percentage of people who say they engage in affectionate acts like hugging, kissing, and caressing at least once a week also fell between 20. What's more, fewer survey respondents agree that "there's too much emphasis on sex today" than they did in 2004 (though maybe Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl had us fed up back then).

And, food for thought, women who use kiss-related emojis have an easier time achieving orgasms with a familiar partner.

That may be because emoji users cared more about finding partners who consider communication a desirable trait.

25 per cent of men said they would mention love within the first month of dating, compared to just 16 per cent of women.

And while three quarters of men said they would be comfortable saying “I love you” first, less than half of women would do the same.

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