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Viollet-le-Duc was head of restoration of the abbey in Saint Denis, November, 14th 1846.His first preoccupation was to dismantle the North Tower and after that of the spire rebuilt by Franois Debretbefore his resignation.

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His work at Roquetaillade castle, Pierrefonds, Saint-Michel, Carcassonne, and Mont Saint-Michel were among his most high-profile projectsm, but it was his restoration work on Notre Dame de Paris that brought him to national attention.His historical knowledge was closely linked to that of a restorer since he carried out many surveys on site, work on existing buildings, drawings and ink-wash painting.In Saint-Denis, Viollet-le-Duc implemented his major theoretical principles on architecture.He refused to attend the school of fine arts and trained himself on architectural art while traveling through France and Italy.His studies were not just limited to architecture and Viollet-le-Duc was also interested in furniture, clothes, musical instruments, weaponry...

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