Dating mate selection ppt

The flag comprises a rectangular of linen divided by two diagonals into four fields, white at the top and bottom and red on the sides.

Since this pattern presented some inconvenience, in March 1822 it was decided to take the form of three horizontal stripes, the top and bottom ones red and the middle white.

Combined, these two selection pressures select to maintain plants of medium height.

Copies of these materials may be freely reproduced for teacher and classroom use.After all, what female Mormon cricket (bottom right) could resist the gift of a juicy sperm-packet?Going to even more extreme lengths, the male redback spider (bottom left) literally flings itself into the jaws of death in order to mate successfully.Humans usually initiate this unnatural process to create a more desirable trait or characteristic.Artificial selection is also termed as “unnatural selection” or “selective breeding.” For example, a lot of our domesticated dogs come from the lineage of the wolf, their original ancestors.

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