Journal of software incremental updating algorithm

A new algorithm, called MA_D (Maintenance Algorithm when Deleting some information), is presented in order to deal with the maintenance of sequential patternsmining resulted from the updating of database and the algorithm makes full use of the informationobtained from previous mining results to cut down the cost of finding new sequential patterns in anupdated database.Our experimental analysis shows that the new algorithm is more efficient. (Ed.), Learning in Graphical Models, Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1998, pp.In particular, we propose a simple rule for choosing the number of blocks with the IEM algorithm.In computer science, a rough set, first described by a Polish computer scientist Zdzis¿aw I.Pawlak, is a formal approximation of a crisp set (i.e.

Domain Driven Data mining is used a major efforts to promote the action ability of the knowledge discovery in the real world smart decision making.

In computer science, the analysis of algorithms is the determination of the amount of resources (such as time and storage) necessary to execute them.

Most algorithms are designed to work with inputs of arbitrary length.

This algorithm gets more segments which could be copied from the dictionary data set to the new version file.

Experiments use software from different operating systems as samples, and the average data transmission saving is as high as 69.3%.

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