Preten dance we b cam

Cornelius had set his camera up at the back of the family store in Philadelphia.

He took the image by removing the lens cap and then running into frame where he sat for a minute before covering up the lens again.

Get me get me, should've got me then Cause I would wear 4 real and you would rock pretend Yo, can I get another dose of my oxygen Cause I been breathin' all this motherfuckin' toxin in!

Meditate and do my yo-gerrr Then I pull up to the club in a Roverrr A Celine bag on my shoulderrr I said rrrrrr Cock that revolver Rrrr-Rrrr that's that nostal-gerrr I said I'm number one, I'm a son a gun, And runner up is what they called ya Ain't trying to be mean but, I am the queen, yuh Ain't fuckin' with no fuck boys!

Preten dance we b cam-68

1839.” In this section of the site we bring you curated collections of images, books, audio and film, shining a light on curiosities and wonders from a wide range of online archives.

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It’s hard to see a leading role for children in Carnival, Rio de Janeiro’s annual mega-festival, for which the Brazilian government will hand out 55 million free condoms, in an attempt to promote AIDS awareness and safer sex.

But the naming of 7-year-old Julia Lira as the drum corps for the Viradouro samba group has stirred an intense controversy over whether children should be involved in the hyper-sexualized roles usually reserved for female Carnival participants.

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