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Instead, they're typically left feeling as if they're not good enough, and frustrated that they cannot have their needs met. As I describe in my my book, a woman who chronically pursues ambivalent men only lives out one small part of what it means to be female.

This manifests to the partner as emotional neediness—“Where are you? She tunes into her nurturing, caregiver self to such a degree that she forfeits a strong core sense of who she is separate from her relationships with others.

Blank specializes in social policy analysis, current events, popular culture and travel.

As for the emotionally unavailable "player," he tends to hold so steadfastly to a rigid male stereotype that his experience of himself also becomes stunted, and the world he sees around him takes on a bland hue.

This pattern often falls along typical gender roles because of the way many boys and girls are socialized.

Rhonda has worked as a psychologist for the State of New York for three years .

She was a counselor at Victims Information Bureau where she counseled victims of rape, sexual assault and spouse abuse.

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