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Want to do a standard i OS upgrade, restore or jailbreak but device gets stuck in a continuous restart loop or Apple logo? Rei Boot will help to get out of the "Connect to i Tunes" brick screen with only 1-click.i Phone is stuck in Recovery Mode and can't reboot normally? Enter Recovery Mode: Put your i Phone/i Pad/i Pod touch to Recovery Mode even if your Home buttons don't work.In this article, I am going to cover some of the best free alternatives to using i Tunes to sync i Pod to computer without i Tunes.[Note]: Depending on which model of i Pod you own, you may want to still keep i Tunes around for firmware updates, application downloads, and other advanced features that one or more of these programs may not be capable of.One-click to download web video from 10,000 video sites on your computer. Disclaimer: i Tube Studio is only for personal use.Please don't use this software for commercial purposes.Apple’s i Tunes has been downloaded millions of times and is adored by many, but what if you’re looking for an alternative?Last year, we covered a similar topic entitled 6 Ways To Sync Music To Your i Phone Without i Tunes.

Signal offers an interface specifically designed for the i Phone and i Pod touch, and takes full advantage of the device’s capabilities to provide a two-way, live updating view of your media player.

The current version supports every type of i Pod except for the i Phone/i Touch.

This seems to particularly affect owners of i Pod classic, i Pod nano and i Pod shuffle devices and Windows computers.

Control playback, browse or search your media library, and edit playlists from anywhere in the house - all from the palm of your hand.

Stop going back to your computer every time you want to pause the music or change the song.

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