Validating forms in dreamweaver

Sure, it may not look nice and tell you someone has been trying to mess with your script, but the important thing is he/she had failed! If you know exactly what kind of data to expect you can make further steps to ensure the user has entered what you want. Instead of writing the same code over and over again we can create a function that will do all the checking for us.

We will cover a few samples like validating e-mail address and URLs later. Here we will name it check_input and simply call this function whenever we need to validate simple input data: Note the check_input function at the bottom.

Proper validation of form input data is the most important step in protecting your form from hackers and spammers! If you have at least basic understanding of HTML and PHP you shouldn't have any problems with this tutorial. We are open to well-intended comments, critics and suggestions.

You will not learn HTML here and this is also not a complete PHP tutorial, but rather a tutorial on working with HTML forms in PHP. Please do contact us with your comments and suggestions.

The topics from the earlier document have been separated into technology-specific documents that may evolve independently.

So now instead of typing the same code for each of our input fields we simply check each $_POST variable with the check_input function and that's it.

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