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“Everything so dynamic and beautiful about it and I’ve been searching for it ever since and I got it now, again,” alluding to the production of ‘Love Letters’ the stage play the two perform together at the Fisher Theatre.“It’s funny — about life.” At 77, Mac Graw looks a little different these days. Mac Graw is protective of O’Neal when the interview questions get too personal but talks about moving away from Hollywood to Santa Fe and letting her hair go grey. “The truth is we are alive,” says Mac Graw, “and there’s a big difference between going ‘oh God – life is such a drag’ I wish it were 1970?The staging is sparse, and the actors read off the page.Seated beside one another at a desk center-stage, Mac Graw, her once-brown hair now a glorious shock of distinguished grey, and O’Neal, jowly where he was once more hockey jock, slip easily and completely into their roles, conveying a closeness and affection for one another — and sometimes irritability and disdain — without ever having to exchange a single glance.She is an alcoholic and an artist for whom domestic life never quite satisfies, and Mac Graw is so convincing in the role that you find yourself sighing at how undone she’s become.Melissa hates letter-writing, which she illustrates most effectively in the interludes between letters where Mac Graw, angry with Andy’s latest correspondence (about a girl he’s courting, or a prep school dance gone awry), stares silently and determinedly into the air, refusing to put pen to paper.DETROIT (WWJ) – They’re back together again — after 45 years.It’s clear that these two iconic stars share a bond – often holding hands during the interview.

The 74-year-old O'Neal and 76-year-old Mc Graw will act together again as the lead stars of the touring play, The script follows two friends who are married to significant others, but keep in touch through the mail. Some critics have proclaimed “Love Letters” to be better, less kitschy material in which the two can show off their fabled chemistry.“I’ll tell you something, this is a wonderfully written play,” Mac Graw said.The actors are speaking by phone, on a conference line, with O’Neal patched in from his Malibu, California, home, and Mac Graw speaking from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she’s lived for decades.reunited on the campus that first brought their beloved characters together.The 7-time Academy Award nominated film consumed the hearts of all who saw it with the teary-eyed saga of Harvard University students Oliver Barrett (played by blond heartthrob Ryan O'Neal) and Jenny Cavelleri (Hollywood newcomer Ali Mac Graw), who eventually cross paths on the campus, but lead opposite lives.

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